HR Offshore provides customer service within the payroll department, beyond simply providing employees with accurate and timely payment information. Other payroll clients inside and outside the organization (finance, general management, government agencies, etc.) also expect to require the information they receive to be completely accurate. and on time.

There are several basic principles that should serve as goals and objectives in this effort:

-Reliability (providing consistent, reliable and predictable servicesa service

-Provide reliable, accurate and timely information

-Payments and payment information to employees and other parts inside and outside the organization) responsiveness (respond quickly to customer questions

-Recognize and respond quickly to changing customer needs

-Insurance (Pass on competence to clients, especially employees, showing confidence and providing accurate and courteous responses) empathy (Even if their questions are basic, treat employees with respect and caring because of the personal nature and importance of the employee financial information

-Give individual attention to employees and assure them that their personal information will be to remain confidential)

-Tangible assets (Employees should have easy access to payroll by phone, by submitting a ticket via a number tracking system, e-mail, etc.

-Maintain a neat, organized and professional environment environment to inspire confidence)