What we do

Mass Staffing Project & out placement

HR. Offshore provide Mass Staffing Projects for oil and gas; constructions; energy and mining industries. We support you to staff your large or small project for temporary or permanent period with a clear assessment process to provide professionals and skilled people…

Head Hunting

Various companies have chosen to strengthen their human resources by using the know-how that headhunters bring to recruitment. The growth of the headhunting industry can be attributed to its superior understanding of industry and market standards, job profiles, the skills of its employees, and so on…

HR consulting

HR offshore human resource consulting is simply a consultation on human resource practices. This may range from seeking help with recruitment and recruitment efforts to strategically integrating human resources programs, processes, policies or practices.

About us

The human resources managed Services Company based in Senegal, West Africa operating in Global industry with focus in Oil and GAS industries that drive us to provide to our clients :

-Mass Staffing Project & out placement

-Head hunting for Senior position;

-Payroll and Administration management;

-HR consulting services across the  West Africa region.

Our solid experiences with more than 15 years in managing HR services and our knowledge of West Africa market place us as the best HRBP for our clients.


Titre de l'offre d'emploi Position Département Date
Deputy Principal Construction Manager Brooklyn, NY, US Project Management janvier 8, 2016
Senior Industrial Planner Oak Ridge, TN, US Civil Construction janvier 8, 2016
Senior Programme Manager Houston, TX, US Project Management janvier 8, 2016
Deputy Principal Construction Manager Toronto,Ontario, CA Project Management janvier 8, 2016
Programme Engineering Manager Richland, WA, US Project Management janvier 7, 2016

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